About Relinquo: Bridging Lives through Mobility

Relinquo emerged from a deeply personal journey. In March 2022, one of our Co-Founders, Felix Rojas, experienced a sudden onset of symptoms that affected his central nervous system. For nearly a year, he grappled with loss of mobility and coordination, battling to reclaim his strength through daily physical therapy sessions. Eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis after extensive immune system and spinal cord examinations, Felix faced his first severe episode.

Life, as it often does, threw unexpected challenges his way. Yet, what truly matters is how we rise above them. Interestingly, Felix had been the owner of a home medical equipment rental company for several years prior, catering primarily to seniors and postoperative patients in need of care.

During those months confined to bed, Felix realized that one of his greatest hurdles was the ability to move around for medical appointments and therapy sessions. A once-active and spirited individual, Felix, at 30, found himself yearning to venture out, to travel, and to seek solace with friends and family. In his journey to reclaim his independence, he relied on various mobility aids such as transport chairs, power scooters, walkers, and rollators. Through firsthand experience, he recognized the indispensable role these products played in restoring vitality and optimism to each user’s life. One poignant memory was attending a baseball game for the first time in a wheelchair, vividly illustrating the importance of accessibility in all aspects of life.

Months into his rehabilitation journey, Felix reached out to his childhood best friend and Co-Founder of Relinquo, Eduardo Kovar, with an idea—to create a platform dedicated to short-term mobility equipment rentals. Their vision was simple yet profound: to provide seamless support to individuals seeking to venture beyond their homes, ensuring access to quality mobility solutions in iconic cities across the United States, such as Houston, Miami, Orlando, Nashville, and Chicago. Today, Relinquo is expanding its footprint nationwide, empowering individuals with limited mobility to explore the richness of life, to travel, and to experience the joy that comes with true independence.

Despite navigating life with his diagnosis, Felix remains vigilant, following his doctors’ recommendations. But above all, he cherishes the directive to be happy—a testament to his resilience and determination to forge ahead with his aspirations.

At Relinquo, we believe in more than just providing equipment; we’re committed to bridging lives through mobility, one step at a time.

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